Central Asia



Kazakhstan, a land where modernity meets the ancient traditions of the steppe, offers a unique travel experience. In Astana (briefly known as Nur-Sultan), marvel at the futuristic skyline, visiting landmarks like the Bayterek Tower and the Khan Shatyr Entertainment Centre. Almaty, with its leafy avenues and backdrop of the mighty Zailisky Alatau mountains, blends urban charm with natural beauty.

Step out of the cities into the vast Kazakh steppe, a landscape that has shaped the nation’s history and culture. Visit the Tamgaly Tas, an open-air gallery of ancient rock carvings along the Ili River. In the Altai Mountains, discover a world of pristine nature and wildlife. Experience traditional Kazakh hospitality in a yurt camp, savouring local delicacies and listening to the haunting melodies of the dombra, a traditional string instrument. Helicopter or 4×4 into the Charyn Gorge with its Valley of Castles replete with naturally-sculpted red-rock formations. 



Uncover the secrets of Turkmenistan, a country where ancient history and unique landscapes converge. Visit the ancient cities of Merv and Konye-Urgench, once major centers of the Islamic world. A highlight of Turkmenistan is the Darvaza Gas Crater, also known as the ‘Gates of Hell,’ a fiery pit in the Karakum Desert that has been burning for decades, offering a spectacle unlike any other. Turkmenistan’s blend of historical sites and natural wonders makes it a captivating and lesser-known jewel of Central Asia.

Turkmenistan’s allure extends to its unique cultural experiences. Participate in traditional Turkmen horseback riding, known for the famed, golden-fleeced Akhal-Teke breed, and witness performances of traditional music and dance. Discover the ancient art of Turkmen carpet weaving, a craft that has been perfected over generations, and enjoy performances of traditional music and dance that reflect the spirit and heritage of the Turkmen people. These cultural immersions provide a deeper understanding of Turkmenistan’s rich heritage, adding another layer to your exploration of this enigmatic Silk Road destination.



Embark on a mesmerising journey through Uzbekistan, where ancient cities like Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva reveal the splendour of the Silk Road. In Samarkand, witness the grandeur of the Registan Square, a masterpiece of Islamic architecture. Bukhara’s historic centre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers a window into a bygone era, while the walled city of Khiva captivates with its beautifully-preserved medieval monuments. Each city visit combines exclusive tours and personal exploration, revealing the intricate history and beauty of these timeless places. Our founder also has an Aral Sea expedition, doable as a day-trip, us his sleeve. 

In addition to its iconic architecture, Uzbekistan offers vibrant cultural experiences. In Samarkand, immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of the Siab Bazaar. Visit the ancient city of Shakhrisabz, the birthplace of Tamerlane, and marvel at its historic sites. Explore the Fergana Valley, known for its exquisite silk production and traditional crafts, offering an insight into the artisanal heritage that has flourished along the Silk Road for centuries. 



Kyrgyzstan, with its majestic mountains, the Tien Shan – ‘mountains of heaven’, and rich nomadic culture, offers an authentic experience of Central Asia’s untouched beauty. Live amongst the Kyrgyz nomads in traditional yurts, learning about their customs and way of life . Ride horses across the vast, open landscapes, and witness the centuries-old sport of Buzkashi, a test of skill, bravery, and guile.

The natural magnificence of Kyrgyzstan is undeniable to those fortunate enough to behold it and is as captivating as its culture. Our founder, Edward Downpatrick, ranks Kyrgyzstan in the highest echelon of the most beautiful countries he has explored. Trek to the serene alpine lake of Issyk-Kul, a marvel surrounded by snow-capped peaks. Discover the Jeti-Oguz Canyon, known for its red sandstone formations, and visit the ancient caravanserai of Tash Rabat, nestled in a breathtakingly picturesque valley. These natural and historical treasures provide a backdrop for a journey that’s as visually stunning as it is culturally enriching.

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